In order for us to treat you in the best way possible it is fundamentally important for us to know in every detail your medical and dental health history. For this reason our first visit begins with a compilation of a health history questionnaire, which will allow us to follow up with an accurate clinical exam. With this information we will be able to prepare a detailed treatment and prevention plan especially designed for you.

During this personalized process of diagnosis, treatment and prevention we may also suggest a series of other complementary diagnostic exams (for example 2d or 3d radiographs, pre-therapy digital photographs, or digital renderings of possible therapy outcomes, etc.), which with allow us to have the best visualization possible of your clinical condition.

With all of this gathered information we will then be able to present you with a detailed list of any clinical problems discovered, and after having discussed with you your objectives and expectations, we will then together decided how best to satisfy them.


Our office provides patients with a program of personalized appointments that can be arranged outside normal opening hours, created to meet the needs of those who are subject to a particularly demanding work schedule and for those who want to ensure absolute confidentiality.

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We believe that dental prevention for our patients represents the best therapy possible in terms of cost, time and benefits ratio. For this reason our office is equipped with three licensed dental hygienists scrupulously selected for their clinical competence and interpersonal skills. Periodic professional hygiene visits, individualized to each patients needs, has never been so simple and will become a healthy habit, able to give you serenity and security in your smile!