Implantology: how to move from survival to implant success

Implantology: how to move from survival to implant success

Dr. Diego Capri

Regeneration focus - The portal of the regeneration

The goal of this lesson is divided into chapters based on the theme dell'implanto-prosthesis, is to illustrate a method of managing different patients with edentulous different, that it is rational and predictable.

The choices discussed and exemplified by the speakers originate from in-depth analysis of the information available in the literature, and have been screened by now more than ten years of daily clinical activities. My idea has always been to set educational events to convey what I do every day along with analyzing the reasons which lead to an approach over another; In fact, such a choice can never be random.

The chapters, easily accessible even at different times, they want to represent a valid and concrete support for:

- Redefining the implant success
- Place in an appropriate manner implants
- Improving clinical outcomes by employing techniques of bone regeneration guided tissue
- Manage ideally peri-implant mucosal tissues

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Topic: Implantology - Length: 230 '