My courses represent an important opportunity for cultural exchange between the participants and myself.

I am a full-time clinician and dedicate part of my time passing on the knowledge and experience I have acquired over the years, in the fields of periodontal and implant dentistry, to colleagues eager to learn. I enjoy confronting my knowledge with that of others, the constant updating that is required in putting together these events and the clinical rapport that develops amongst colleagues, which characterizes the my courses. Participants should remember that since the course, is concentrated in a few days spread over a few months, it should be experienced to the fullest, even during the breaks that separate one meeting from the next and to this end I open my office to those students who wish to visit. An extensive bibliography is provided to further investigate what was or will be discussed during each meeting and I am always available to study participant’s clinical cases for advice on treatment planning and therapy approaches.

To optimize the learning experience I generally limit the courses to a small select group of participants and try to keep a very pragmatic approach to teaching. I am fully aware of how each student wishes to immediately implement my teachings in his everyday practice, and for this reason all courses are characterized by a theoretical part followed by hands-on experience that demonstrates "hands on" clinical use of the concepts.

In general, clinical portions of the course are filmed in order to provide participants with a better view of the various operational stages.

These courses are an exciting experience for professional growth for me and for you, I hope to see you soon!